Humane, the way livestock was intended to nourish mankind

Pasture raised foods you can eat with confidence

     We have an open door policy at Serendipity Farms. 

We believe transparency is essential to accountability. 

We use intensive pasture management, rotational grazing, and multi-specification of pastures to deliver the highest quality, cleanest, and most nutrient-rich foods possible.

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Our farm is certified Animal Welfare approved, which ensures our customers that our animals are born-into, cared for, and harvested in the highest standards.

  • Alpine Maple Farms

    Alpine Maple Farms

    Some may say pure maple syrup runs in the blood of Jordan and Amanda Hunt, and they are probably right! After making syrup on a large scale with family for six years , the couple decided to open a quaint sugar bush of their own. Thus, the dream of Alpine Maple Farms was born.

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  • Babcock Farms

  • Bear Creek Organics

    Bear Creek Organics

    Anne and Brian Bates dream of a sustainable future, where the arts, education, and organically grown food enrich their community. Bear Creek Organic Farm is Petoskey, Michigan's first-ever 100% USDA Certified Organic Farm.

    To become the trusted producer of certified organic produce and raw honey in Northern Michigan, by delivering the purest products possible from our farm to our customers' table, while educating our community on the benefits of local, organic, and pollinator-friendly agriculture, and enhancing our region's local economy, environmental sustainability, and access to nutritious food.

    Sustainability Facts

    We are not content with the status quo. We push the envelope in every way on our farm, from sustainability to resiliency, we are dead set on shifting the paradigm through our actions as producers, beekeepers, responsible stewards of the land, and business owners. 

    Bear Creek Organic Farm is Petoskey's first USDA certified organic farm.
    We installed and operate a 30-panel Solar Array on our farm that produces 10 kW of renewable electricity for our farm. Click HERE to see how much power we're making right now!
    We use passive solar hoophouses to produce local leafy greens and salad greens 52 weeks/year, even when it's -20 outside. No need for California lettuce in January!
    We're serious about local. Our close proximity to downtown Petoskey means that the majority of markets we serve are within 12 miles of our farm. That's not just local, that's hyper local. 
    Our tractor burns ultra low sulfur diesel fuel and meets the EPA's most stringent emission standards. 
    We are the only farm in northern Michigan using fully recyclable "wax" boxes to pack and ship our produce. 
    Our salad, herb, and microgreen clamshells are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable - Made in USA. 
    Our transplant containers and propagation flats are made locally, of recycled plastic, and are fully recyclable. Made in East Jordan, MI, USA.
    Our "plastic" produce bags at farmers markets are 100% plant-based, and 100% biodegradable in normal compost piles. 
    Our paper shopping bags are 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable. 
    Our beehives are never treated with any fungicides, insecticides, or pesticides, ever.
    We do not ship our bees - ever. Our bees live in Petoskey, Michigan for 365 days a year.
    We believe strongly in a vibrant local economy, and as such, we bank, insure, shop, source, and employ locally.

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  • Care Full Kombucha

    Care Full Kombucha

    CareFull Kombucha is a small artisan kombucha business located in Petoskey, MI. We
    use the highest quality ingredients possible in order to share with you an outstanding and
    delicious product. All ingredients are either certified organic or guaranteed to be produced
    without pesticides or herbicides and locally sourced whenever possible. We brew small two
    gallon batches using traditional methods passed down through generations. We use glass
    brewing vessels, rather than stainless steel or plastic, so there will be no heavy metals or toxic
    chemicals leached into the brew. Our tea is imported from Queensland, Australia. Most tea is
    grown in highly polluted areas, but after a long search we believe to have found some of the
    finest tea available. Kombucha is loaded with probiotics, antioxidants, B-vitamins, beneficial
    acids (acetic, gluconic and lactic), enzymes and amino acids. Our kombucha is brewed with
    gratitude and we ensure every bottle to be Full of Care. We hope you enjoy CareFull
    Kombucha as much as we do. Cheers!

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  • Granny's Jammery

    Granny's Jammery

    Handpicked at the peak of freshness, hand stirred.

    A true taste of home-cooked jams and spreads

    Using NO preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings.

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  • Harvest Thyme Farm

    Harvest Thyme Farm


    With big ambitions to start a small-scale, bio-sustainable farm, we planted our first seeds in 2014 on land that Greta's family has been farming since the 1800's. Looking back, it's good we had that ambition, as we were lacking one minor detail: practical experience. Neither of us had any background growing anything at the scale we planned to do and to say there's a steep learning curve to farming might be a bit of an understatement. Needless to say, we've had our share of challenges, but we've learned (and at times battled) our way through it. What started as one small table at the Cheboygan farmers' market in 2014, has turned into a few tables at the market and a 100+ member farm share program. 

    For us, farming is more than just growing produce, its about squashing the rumor that you can't make a living farming in a small town and the stigma of the struggling farmer. It's about dreaming big and overcoming obstacles, no matter how devastating they seem at the time. It's about keeping the Cheboygan farming culture alive and all of the great friendships we've made in the process. We're passionate about what we do and we hope it shows in the quality of everything we produce! 

    Take a few minutes to check out everything Harvest Thyme has to offer and don't forget to sign up for our eNewsletter or head on over to our Facebook page before you're done!

    -Brendan & Greta

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  • Hooked On Essentials LLC

    Hooked On Essentials LLC

    We are located in Northern Michigan.​ We use methods that have been around for generations; simple cold process soap that can be produced with over the counter ingredients.Our lotion is made with natural oils and butters. There is not an effective way to prevent bacteria and mold without using a preservative. I choose ones without parabens or formaldehyde whenever possible.All our products focus on giving you the best ingredients that are safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.We always look for and use American made products.

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  • Purple Beet

    Purple Beet


    The Purple Beet is committed to creating convenient, nutritious and delicious foods for you and your family. Life is crazy. Eating healthy doesn't have to be!

    Our smoothie packs contain only real ingredients, they have no artificial sweeteners, and require no ice, yogurt or juice.

    The process is simple: All you need is a blender, 1 cup of liquid (suggestions given!) and a smoothie pack. No chopping, dicing, peeling, measuring or scooping required! No costly mistakes from a misleading recipe or unnecessary food waste. Turn on the blender, and have a healthy, delicious meal in minutes!

    ^ = Made in Michigan         * = Organic

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  • Serendipity Farms

    Serendipity Farms
  • Tc Elderberry

    Tc Elderberry
  • The Farmers Creamery

    The Farmers Creamery

    Low pasteurized, non homogenized cream top milk from the Farmers Dairy. Working with local small Amish and Mennonite dairy farms together they bring you The Farmers Creamery. What does this mean for you?

    No Added Hormones

    Our milk contains no added hormones and comes from cows that are all vegetarian fed with non-GMO feed. The result of these processes means customers get the freshest and most natural milk that can be sold in a store. It is exactly what natural food consumers and those looking for healthy food choices for their families are hoping to find.

    Low pasteurized :  We process the milk at the lowest temperature possible, allowing us to deliver our products in their most natural state.

    Non Homogenized :  We believe that milk should be processed as little as possible, and consumed in the most natural state possible.  Homogenization, which is not necessary for any food safety reason, destroys the sweet, creamy taste of fresh milk and alters its molecular structure.

    What you get is healthy dairy, and helping your local dairymen families.

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